Friday, April 7, 2017

Happy Endings

Taking the boat with her new owners to her new marina.

It's been a while. Four years I think, since we left this blog. A LOT has happened. Let's catch up...

We came back from our camping trip ready to do anything BUT boat work!

 However, it was still the only home we had, and she was still waiting for the finishing touches. So it was,  with a great heavy sigh, we got back to work.

In the last three years, we finally completed our solar charging system. Really this means, we took it off of the deck and put it on our newly built bimini. Oh yeah, we designed and built a bimini, which, let me tell you, was one of the most difficult jobs, on the boat, and probably the reason we have put it off for so long. It did make the cockpit feel like an actual room, and, after all the crying and whining and cursing was done, we enjoyed it tremendously.

In our minds however, we had already checked out.

We knew sailing around the world, or sailing locally, or even living on the boat was not something we wanted to do any longer. It was great while it lasted, and I mean GREAT,  but we were done. We wanted to garden, and take baths (ok thats' just me) and let the dog out by opening a door to a yard. Maybe we had gotten lazy? Maybe, but pushing thru, and finding out how much more we had in us was not a possibility. When you're done, you're done, and yep, we were done.

However its not as easy as that. At least not for us. We still had to maintain the boat, which really at this point was not that hard. We had the routine down, but our hearts were not in it. Then of course came the finishing touches that had to be done. Someone had to climb the mast (yes I did it! All the way to the top too!) the previously mentioned bimini had to be added, and haul outs, and shrink wraps, and, and and ... I'm getting tired just thinking about it again.

Then one day it was all done. She looked as good as she ever had, and ever will, with us. It was time to list.

I'll spare you here the nitty gritty of dealing with brokers. For us it turned out to be a major waste of time. In the end, it was good ole Craigslist that came thru. I knew deep down, that the new owners were already looking a for a boat like this, and whoever got her, would fall deeply in love at first sight. And pretty much that's how it happened.

What I didn't expect, was that it would be a young couple, that kinda reminded me of us. Us 2.0.

They after all, weren't going to deal with a bunch of rot, but rather move aboard a very classy, clean and gorgeous boat. Oh yeah, and they sail. Who would have thought right? Anyway we have all become friendly with each other, and, as they are local, we will hopefully get to enjoy MeVoy on some sailing excursions where we are the passages. Friends with boats are even better then having boats!

So that's it. She's gone to a new family.

Showing the new owners how to check and repair varnish, and put in "bungs".

New capitan white-knuckling it, while the old capitan is restraining himself from taking the wheel.
It was a great day for sailing! Not a great day for docking!
MeVoy in her new slip.

And we too have moved on.

After what felt like years of hard work, (oh right it has been years of hard work) suddenly the wind turned and began to blow at our backs. Within a the same epic month, (February 2017 I LOVE you!) we sold the boat and bought a piece of land: 5.5. acres of rolling hills, some flat fields, and a mossy hillside with a creek! Electric, a stream, a well and a driveway are already in place, AND we still have a budget to build with. Thank you MeVoy!

Speaking of which... I'm starting a new blog. About the land. About what it is ,and what it will be.
Its fun. Follow along, I'd really love to hear from some of you there! Here's the link.


                 Here's to happy endings and new beginnings! We LOVE you all! Thanks for reading!
                 -Maggie and Travis

Friday, September 4, 2015

Me Voy is For SALE!

We did it! We lived, we sailed, we docked and now we are putting her on the market so someone else can live their dream too! Here is the official listing

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The End is Now

Chopper has learned computers and the whole is now open to him
Chopper is most concerned about our plans. He's been researching the Everglades National Park, looking for campsites.  He must have overheard us talking about going to Southern Florida where the weather is warm and warm sounds good right now. He's also worried that no one in this family has "a job" anymore and has been looking at the Craigslist employment section. What a good boy! Not really. In truth, we have told him over and over again, that the  premise of this trip is to make no firm plans, and to go where the signs point us. Follow the knows!  I have never travelled with this much freedom, and it makes me giggle.

We're taking off tomorrow, finally. Me Voy is winterized, and we are back to hauling water  to brush teeth and make tea. Takes me back to the good ole days of her refit.

Engine room rot removal.

We have set up the car, got new front tires, tinted the back windows, got a cargo carrier, and a bike rack. We have made a little mobile kitchen in the back of the Fit, to store our food, and stove, and not have everything in one big pile like it usually ends up. Since this picture was taken, the plywood has been covered in black contact paper, and everything is packed away, i.e. lost,  including the camera card to upload finished car pics. Oh well, you'll have to take my word for it, it looks awesome, and only takes four small screws, discreetly placed to keep it attached. Our cans and pots and pans fit into the back shelves, with books and toiletries going on the shelves behind the seats. Really packs out nice. We'll see how this all works on the road, but you might be looking at the first prototype of a Honda Fit camping kit, you just never know.

Honda Fit camping kitchen build
We are not thru with Me Voy, and will be back to live aboard her in April. She has a lot more to teach us, but for now, this is the end of a chapter. She has been brought back from the "dead yard" and our goal of living aboard her has been completed. So, as everything must come to an end, so it is with this blog. It is finished.  We are going IRL. So lock your doors, close your windows, and keep your children inside, its gonna get ... well probably very peaceful actually. 

The archives will be up for those researching boat restoration, as somewhere in there you might find some useful information. For those who have been with us throughout this process, thank you! Its been fun and somewhat dusty, and I hope you were able to keep your hands clean of Epoxy. I've had a blast sharing this project with you, getting to know you thru your comments and suggestions. If you wish to keep in touch, become our FBFF and friend our social media representative Chopper on Facebook, as we will occasionally post things there. 

Be happy, be peaceful, and when you're stuck in a tight spot, don't forget to think BIG!

Love to you All, bye

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The things we do get ready for winter.

Folding sails
#1 Fold sails. Above is our main, genoa and jib. We also have a staysail and another main sail which also got folded into neat little bundles like the one below. It is no wonder furlers are so popular. Loading, and unloading sails onto the deck, hanking and unhanking after every trip, and of course putting them away for the season, these are not things you think about when seeing a pretty boat on the water. Next year we hope to join the civilized sailing world by saving up for some furlers.

All the sails get put away in these bundles and stored in sail bags. We used to keep them in storage for the winter, but since our storage has gotten ridiculously full, were gonna keep them on board. I  hope mold and mildew won't be a problem, coz right now with us still here and the weather getting cold, it is very damp in the boat.

Riding the bosuns chair

#2 Mast touch ups. Next was my time to shine as Travis lifted me in the bosuns chair to touch up some flaky paint on the mast. Armed with sandpaper, epoxy and paint I had no time to be afraid of heights.

M touching up mast
As you can see I am keeping a firm grip on that mast. Its funny feeling up there.

Chopper naps on kayak
Once again our deck mates proved useless.

Billy naps in v-berth
I'm seriously considering a rebirth as a pampered house cat. I mean how good is that life?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Counting down

After weeks of gloomy skies, the sunshine is back!

It has awoken us out of a stupor, and shone the light on the fact that we will be leaving, really leaving, the week after next. This has snapped us out of our let-it-happen mode into a make-it-happen mode.
There is the boat to be winterized, and shrink wrapped. Storage to be organized and consolidated. Car to be pimped out, camping gear to be acquired, address to be figured out, finances to be set straight, and all the other things I'm forgetting.

Better get to it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy exits the stage

Sandy made her presence felt all night, but left us and surrounding area without causing any problems. The power stayed on, which was great as we currently rely on electric heaters for warmth. This needs to be remedied next season, but for now we are glad for the heat, as the temps are dipping.

Today was a grey, cold, day, with needle sharp drizzle falling steadily. Me Voy has her share of leaks which seem to be mostly situated wherever I sit.  The condensation inside is also crazy adding to the amphibious atmosphere. I remember someone complaining how their shoes mold in the winter because of the dampness, and now I understand. Still, we are warm, well fed, and have nothing to complain about. Nothing except not playing enough ball the last couple of days that is.

Seeing the mess to the North of us we send positive vibrations to all those who did not escape Sandy's fury. Nature is impersonal, making her awesome, and I feel a deep respect for her power. I hope, as a species, we make harmony with Nature a priority, or the future, for us little dots, looks bleak indeed.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Superstorm Sandy

Found a great site streaming live footage from the Storm. Now Tcan stop watching the wind indicator because Hurricane Sandy has turned into Superstorm Sandy. This means lesser winds, more rain and snow in points West. The biggest gust we've seen has been 47, and that was about an hour ago. She seems to be pestering.

waiting for her

 Wind still at 30 with gusts of 45, so we know she's not here yet, but she does have our full attention.

Hurricane Sandy almost here

This morning, with a steady 15-20 knots of wind blowing curtesy of Hurricane Sandy, we answered the question of how we are going to get Chopper to land to do his business. 

We put on our foul weather gear and do it... It was actually kinda fun in an adventure kinda way.  We were not the only ones out there. All the poor saps with their soaking animal friends were scurring about "taking care of business", and we exchanged glances of sympathy, along with a "stay safe".

Back on the boat, we finally got to put that cool radar we got gifted from Diversified Marine to some use. We installed in the galley so that we could monitor the radar from inside while sailing, but since we haven't sailed much it hasn't come in handy until now. Today we are watching it to see what the wind speed is outside. Since the morning, it has increased to 30 with some gust of 35. The worst is supposed to hit us around 7 pm and hang around till Wed.

Since I took this pic the wind has increased to a steady 35 and the water level has dropped to 10.4 ft, which means, as predicted the Northerly wind will push the surging water out of the bay, so that flooding should not be an issue.

We are now all battened down, just waiting for this thing to really hit. I got Irish cream in my coffee, brownies in the oven, and socks drying on the radiator. Chopper is sleeping soundly, Travis is reading calmly, but Billy is nervous. Outside the wind is howling but we are not tilting yet, and so we wait to see what happens.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is Coming

I just turned on the computer and read the headline "Impending Disaster Coming to Northeast!" Why, why do we have to be so dramatic??! I felt my heart start to race, and began getting scared just after that one exposure. How people watching TV all the time maintain their perspective and sanity I don't know.

In reality Sandy has started to blow here and a slight drizzle has begun. Lines are doubled, everything is battened, and the only thing left to do is to take down the boom fly. We're leaving it up for now, because it shields our companionway from the rain, but we'll take it down before it really starts to blow.

The latest we heard from NOAA, (one of the more matter of act media outlets) was the worst will be coming Mon. and Tues with 40-50 mph winds with gusts up to 65. I've experienced 63 mph wind on the boat and its not something I will forget soon. Add to that torrential rain, for a couple of days, and its bound to suck. Not sure how we will walk Chopper or what to really expect. There are quite a few seasoned boaters here, who have gone thru several hurricanes and their pointers, advice and confidence is great to have around. I do keep thinking that it could be worse; we could be looking at swaying trees wondering if they are gonna break on top of us.

Here at Anchorage Marina, we are docked at a fairly protected spot and are loving the floating docks now. If it does get to be too uncomfortable we'll head to a hotel nearby and watch the action from there.  Last year with Hurricane Irene, we docked Me Voy here, and we have no doubt she ride fine, as she did last year. The question is do we want to go for that ride or not. We'll play that one by ear, but so far we are snug, comfortable, and committed to staying put.