Saturday, July 19, 2008

Too Hot to work

It's the middle of July, and Travis and I are feeling the heat. So... instead of going to the Oxford Boatyard to work on Me Voy,  I'm starting this blog, and Travis is making holders for my new kayak, Water Fox. We decided that this weekend will finally be THE  time to launch the boats we have been working on. Travis's  Little Hooch- a solo canoe, and my Water Fox are finally ready and the only thing holding us up, is the roofrack and holders. 

But anyway, this is a blog about Me Voy,  and having sidetracked already, lets get back to the point...

It all started with a Craigslist Ad that read something like 
                          "Wooden  Spanish Cutter, built for circumnavigation,  awaiting 
                            refit on Maryland's  Eastern Shore"

You may think, that since we have been looking for a boat to live on, we jumped at this ad, but actually several weeks passed before we got around to contacting Dusty, the previous owner.
Over the phone he told us that she has been dry docked for something like  7 years, and needs the cockpit rebuilt , and some fixes here and there. He was living on her during this time, but he was getting married and it was time to pass the dream on to someone else.

We decided to drive down to Oxford and check her out... and it was love at first sight!
What a beauty!  The mohagany interior, the teak deck, the gorgeous lines of her hull, her sexy stern... it was all so magical that we paid Dusty on the spot, and became the proud owners of a 46 ft wooden cutter!

That was a year and a half ago. 
Since then both Travis and I have received quite the education regarding boatwork and boat ownership.
Boat ownership! Ha! That's a funny way to put that since it is actually the boat that owns us !
and boat work?... well what more can I say, except that I now understand the looks of doubt that greeted us at the boatyard, after we announced ourselves the new "owners" of Me Voy.