Friday, April 7, 2017

Happy Endings

Taking the boat with her new owners to her new marina.

It's been a while. Four years I think, since we left this blog. A LOT has happened. Let's catch up...

We came back from our camping trip ready to do anything BUT boat work!

 However, it was still the only home we had, and she was still waiting for the finishing touches. So it was,  with a great heavy sigh, we got back to work.

In the last three years, we finally completed our solar charging system. Really this means, we took it off of the deck and put it on our newly built bimini. Oh yeah, we designed and built a bimini, which, let me tell you, was one of the most difficult jobs, on the boat, and probably the reason we have put it off for so long. It did make the cockpit feel like an actual room, and, after all the crying and whining and cursing was done, we enjoyed it tremendously.

In our minds however, we had already checked out.

We knew sailing around the world, or sailing locally, or even living on the boat was not something we wanted to do any longer. It was great while it lasted, and I mean GREAT,  but we were done. We wanted to garden, and take baths (ok thats' just me) and let the dog out by opening a door to a yard. Maybe we had gotten lazy? Maybe, but pushing thru, and finding out how much more we had in us was not a possibility. When you're done, you're done, and yep, we were done.

However its not as easy as that. At least not for us. We still had to maintain the boat, which really at this point was not that hard. We had the routine down, but our hearts were not in it. Then of course came the finishing touches that had to be done. Someone had to climb the mast (yes I did it! All the way to the top too!) the previously mentioned bimini had to be added, and haul outs, and shrink wraps, and, and and ... I'm getting tired just thinking about it again.

Then one day it was all done. She looked as good as she ever had, and ever will, with us. It was time to list.

I'll spare you here the nitty gritty of dealing with brokers. For us it turned out to be a major waste of time. In the end, it was good ole Craigslist that came thru. I knew deep down, that the new owners were already looking a for a boat like this, and whoever got her, would fall deeply in love at first sight. And pretty much that's how it happened.

What I didn't expect, was that it would be a young couple, that kinda reminded me of us. Us 2.0.

They after all, weren't going to deal with a bunch of rot, but rather move aboard a very classy, clean and gorgeous boat. Oh yeah, and they sail. Who would have thought right? Anyway we have all become friendly with each other, and, as they are local, we will hopefully get to enjoy MeVoy on some sailing excursions where we are the passages. Friends with boats are even better then having boats!

So that's it. She's gone to a new family.

Showing the new owners how to check and repair varnish, and put in "bungs".

New capitan white-knuckling it, while the old capitan is restraining himself from taking the wheel.
It was a great day for sailing! Not a great day for docking!
MeVoy in her new slip.

And we too have moved on.

After what felt like years of hard work, (oh right it has been years of hard work) suddenly the wind turned and began to blow at our backs. Within a the same epic month, (February 2017 I LOVE you!) we sold the boat and bought a piece of land: 5.5. acres of rolling hills, some flat fields, and a mossy hillside with a creek! Electric, a stream, a well and a driveway are already in place, AND we still have a budget to build with. Thank you MeVoy!

Speaking of which... I'm starting a new blog. About the land. About what it is ,and what it will be.
Its fun. Follow along, I'd really love to hear from some of you there! Here's the link.


                 Here's to happy endings and new beginnings! We LOVE you all! Thanks for reading!
                 -Maggie and Travis