Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Controlled Chaos

Today was another rainy day. Its been like that for about a week, which means no progress was made on Lucy Maru, the new boat, other then moving more stuff. Today, the little cart we bought to roll our stuff, was filled with books. It was all I could do to pull it up the dock. Travis has a "real job" now and so its up to me to move what I can when I'm not working, which is just fine with me. I'd rather be furthering the cause in ways other then a regular 9-5.
Working on Lucy Maru is completely different from Me Voy. For one, we can isolate the work areas, and still have a comfortable and clean living space. This is the galley space, that is also my computer station. I'm working on the upholstery, just learned how to "welt" and am liking the effect.
Billy and Chopper are awesome! They adjust to whatever we do, and seem to be as happy as ever. Especially Billy. He really seems to dig the quiet of the marina. No train whistles, no trucks thundering down the alley, and no Death Metal band living next door. Just ducks and seagulls here.. oh and the occasional belt sander, drill, and miter saw coming to life. 


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Keep going

Today we get internet! We went with the broadband connection, since  my quest for the right adapter, for our new kick ass WiFi antenna, turned up nothing, except to point out, that I need the internet to order the right one. So here we are.

Today Travis was going to remove the shear clamp and scarf it in  place, after which I can come in and put down the flooring which attaches to the beams. We had ripped out a large section of the floor because it was rotten, and  have thus thrown ourselves into this project with both feet. Now we have to lay the floor down, replace several rotten, outer planks, and, only then, can we move on to building our master berth, which was the reason for all of this in the first place. I know I'm missing some steps, as the rebuilding of our port door, and scupper, also have to happen at some point.  The thing that keeps me going, is that building new things is less time consuming and more fun then taking out the old. And we really are almost to that point. 

I did say was going to because, it rained all day and we chose to move more stuff instead. We got a small storage building where we will keep all of Me Voy's stuff, and some other materials. I never though I'd be the kind of person who rents a storage space. But, I never thought I'd have two big beautiful boats either, so much for thinking!

Me Voy meanwhile has not been totally forgotten. I went  last week and epoxied the last of the bilge; now it needs another coat and then paint.  Then its  the engine room and thru hulls, steering  and bottom paint, mast and rigging, and after that we are in the water, getting towed to Baltimore, where we can work some more.  The thing that keeps me going here, is that we can, potentially, be sailing this fall! After two and a half years of nothing but grunt work, that would be such a joy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Go away Winter

Today it snowed. Yup that big snow storm hitting the Northeast, that's us. Not good, for two people, working on two boats. That's one boat each!  I will be the first to admit, though, I couldn't do it alone, and Travis kicks ass! 
It is a bit terrifying right now though, as Me Voy is almost ready to go in the water, with only the engine room left to be re-built (just ribs left as far as the bilge stuff) and the bulkheads, and now Lucy Maru in a state of "progress". That means we had to rip off a section of her stern  to get to some rot, that had to be dealt with before we could build our master state room. Phew, that is even long to say, much less to do! So anyway now there's snow covering our plastic job that covers the port quarter of Lucy.  Stupid, stupid winter!