Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moving on/out

It has begun. We starting to slim down, get boat-sized. I have been looking forward to this time, and dreading it also.  Now with the warehouse empty of "the big tools" it is starting to feel real.  The chapter on living in a shop and making stuff is over now. The timing seems to be in our favor as no one wants to come off of any money for things like furniture or small boats or sculpture. That's fine with me coz I seriously lost interest in making stuff, or big stuff at least. I will have a studio set up on board, but I'm keeping it simple, minimal: oil paints,watercolors, colored pencils and the computer. Maybe the Airbrush. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deep Freeze

Working on  the boat has become impossible with the temperature in the lower teens at night and barely reaching 20 during the day. We did brave the cold a couple of weeks ago, but it was a miserable experience.  I cut out wood for a section of keel to be put in. That's usually Travis' job

 but we're really behind now in the wood replacement, with the engine room still needing ribs, so I decided to take over that seemingly simple job. It turned out to be hellish work,with each little piece needing to be shaped individually and then leveled into place. That was actually kinda fun. It was the epoxy that screwed me, always either too little or too much. Soon I was sticky, pissed off, ... and defeated. Yup, there's a lot of grinding to do on that spot to make it look good.
Meanwhile Travis ground down the new planking in the engine room, and got himself set up to put in ribs next weekend. He's doing an awesome job! Just look at the little "stairs" he's cutting out in the old ribs to join the new ones. And this spot was NOT easy to get to either! This boat is going to be so freakin awesome!