Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Bit About Dusty

Dusty is the well intentioned former owner of our beloved boat Me Voy. As the story goes, Dusty purchased her from a yard for one dollar. They had aquired her through defaut on behalf of the previous owner. Dusty being a professional boat carpenter who was already living aboard a boat, Snapdragon, jumped at the opportunity. He ended up falling in love with a younger woman and I have heard rumors that he may have found Jesus as well, but none the less his interest in Me Voy waned shortly after replacing the majority of the rot she had then. Anyway, Me Voy sat in waiting at Oxford boat yard slowly getting all rotten again.
However, Dusty seems to have been a quite popular guy in Oxford. We are constantly meeting people who knew him and had been aboard our boat with him. As I understand, Dusty was in the Navy and worked on an aircraft carrier. When he got out he got a thirty something foot Chris Craft who the yard had declared un-fixable, and he fixed it anyway. He was hooked, and he never stopped working on boats, in fact I believe he is still employed as a boat carpenter at a yard in Annapolis.

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