Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slowly But Surely


Well we're trying to gain some momentum on the boat work after a spotty September and October. It's difficult to get going during this season of early darkness but our hope is to still have Me Voy in the water come Spring.

This weekend Travis got the cockpit and stern ready for paint. That hell awaits me now, with the grueling routine of two epoxy coats and two coats of paint while being squeezed, cramped, and sticky. The  aft part of the boat, which will serve as our "workroom" looks like hell right now, as you can see. That's the only part that needs the bilge still repaired and painted. 

I worked in the forward berth doing some  carpentry. I must say that was quite fun, even though Travis put some pressure on me to be "perfect". Its good that he has such high standards, coz I would propably rig something way too "home-made" for our classic look and move on.  Anyway I was hoping to actually finish the hold I was working on, but as with most boat work it takes way longer then you expect.

 I was pleased to see what  fantastic  job I did last year painting the forward holds, and was reminded again, as I climbed in and out of them, what great exercise I was getting. 

I'm thinking this weekend will be truly gratifying as the little cabinet I was working on will be finished, along with that nasty fiberglass job on the hull. And after that, I will no longer be able to put off the paint job that awaits. Wish me luck!


Overboard said...


force ten hurricane said...

" with most boat work it takes way longer then you expect."

Truer words were never spoken! :D
EVERYTHING seems to take longer than I think it will. The only thing that goes fast are the beers! :D

Best of luck. Hope we both get our boats in the water this spring!

Karen (s/v Wahoo)