Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a few more... sore muscles

Port side bow getting new planks

We are nearing completion with the work on the port (left) side of Lucy Maru. This weekend, I helped Travis put in the planks at the bow. The curve up in the front was pretty wicked, but no one got slapped with a springy board, phew! We used a lot of clamps to hold everything place, and now she's good as new. Well almost.

Lucy Maru port side undergoing a refit

That's a picture I took from the water that shows the entire port side. The areas that are not white are the new planks, you can't really see how many there were from this pic, but take my word for it, there was a LOT of them. I'm soooooo glad that part is behind us. Now, a bit more prepping before we primer, and then, finally, PAINT!

In the meantime we found a great deal on a little sailboat to practice our ( ok my) sailing skills. Its a sailfish, kinda like the sunfish but smaller. I go out during my lunch break, and it has already answered all kinds of questions I had about sailing. You see, unlike Travis, I can't call myself a natural sailor.

Me, heading out to play in the harbor

Everything about it confused me, starting with being able to tell which way the wind is coming from. I know that sound ridiculous, but for some reason, once I got out in the open water, I totally lost all sense of direction. (You know I once drove 4 hours in the wrong direction, thinking that west was to my right! That sucked!) Add to that a tiller (the thing that controls your direction) and of course the sails, and its all over, I'm lost. So being able to directly handle the sheets (the lines that the sails are attached to) and the tiller, is seriously groundbreaking. I'm now able to pick a course, tack and sail in a circle. And I can tell without a problem which way the wind is blowing!

The dream begins!

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jomamma said...

Well that's better than I can do. You can get those a little compass that you can wear on a string around your neck. We hate those at the school when we teach orienteering.