Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It happened (pt.3)

This was the sign that greeted us each morning

After our barnacle lunch, it was time to sand and caulk the bottom. Our friend Glenn helped with both these jobs, and after it was all done we took a poll and decided, that in all our short individual lives, this job was the worst any of us have ever done.

Glenn caulking the bottom

Me getting beaten by the bottom paint

T grinding prop shafts

I tried to shelter Chopper and Billy as much as possible from the horribleness going on down below. Chopper just didn't understand why he had to say on the boat, he's such a good dog!

Me and T caulking

A picture for my upcoming calender,"So You Want to Buy a Boat?"

It wasn't only the grueling positions or the dust and stickiness that surrounded us. The worst was the incoming tide, which we had to wade in waist deep at times while holding a sanders and caulk guns. I got zapped by the electrical cords a few times, and even though it is all over now, I hesitate a bit before plugging anything it.Anyhow, we managed to get the bottom and the waterline painted in four days. The local boatyard boys were amazed that we accomplished this so easily, and kept congratulating us on how great the boat looked. And it did look sharp!

Sitting in the railway admiring L.M.'S new bottom and waterline

After all that, this is what we have been waiting for ... our reward. To celebrate we invited some friends and took off to anchor out at the local hangout Heart Miller Island. Again the boat performed great, reaching its top speed of 17 knots, without a problem. This was our first time taking a boat that is ours out for a joy ride, and it was awesome! I can't say that enough, it was the best Monday ever, ever!

A jet ski jumping our wake, stupid jetskis

So after four grueling days of hard work, and countless days of preparation, we did it! We painted our first bottom, and came back to dock, all without a mishap, sort of... Billy did fall off the boat as we began to take off, but the little guy climbed up the side of the boat. Another life used up. By my calculations he has four left.


Overboard said...

Congratulations on taking the boat out.
I want first dibs on a calendar. Too funny!

jomamma said...

That's awesome! You guys rock! How long have you been working on this boat? So it's all finished?

Travis and Maggie said...

Overboard! U eating Thai food yet?
Jomamma, its been four months on Lucy Maru, not bad. We have one more side of the hull left to paint, some more deck to replace, hand rails to make, wood to varnish, canvas covers to make, etc., etc. I don't think a boat like this is ever finished anyway, but we are getting closer to having a good, sound, sell.

jomamma said...

Four months, that's awesome, but that won't fill a calendar. Ya'll need to not work so fast.