Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Blog...

Its hard to love two boats. Each one needs so much attention and care. A marina friend asked me "Do you know why they call boats "she"?' Cause... like a woman they take a lot of money and maintenance... and they can both KILL you! Right now I am feeling a bit killed by each of these bitches!
I shouldn't be too mad at Me Voy. She's almost ready to splash in the water, with only the mast now needing new paint and hardware. I'm soooo ready to see how she bobs in the water, and let the memory of climbing a 20 ft ladder to get into the boat, fade with our wake.
Lucy Maru is a different story... that bitch! Yes I'm mad at her now. The last of our deck job is kicking my ass. I'm feeling burned out, not the best timing, since the dreaded Winter is coming. I once got rid of all my winter gear since I never planned to do winter again, and here is another one chasing me. Don't panic! What the hell happened to September anyway?


jomamma said...

Just keep your eye on the prize... you are doing such a great job.

Liz said...

Congratulations on many jobs well done.
Your ships are shaping up nicely.
Quite certain "ferro friends" are bound to say.
Really enjoy going through this vicariously with you.
Splash time is NEAR !!! Let me know when you get near Wrightsville Beach and we can have an impromptu blog meet.!!
Mata ne

Travis and Maggie said...

Ahhh... yes the prize! Next winter sail away to warm places with palm trees! Can we make it? So many questions...Wrightsville Beach is on the way South. The beautiful, golden South of my dreams...

Liz said...

Yes, It is directly on the way south. With a great ocean inlet (Masonboro) excellent transient anchorage (Bank's Channel), right off the Inland Waterway Big Ditch (if you should be traveling inland), and our dock minutes away(even rowing) for your going to "town" pleasure.
The town of Wrightsville Beach is really tiny, but has everything you might need.
It rates highly amongst the people I have talked to who use it.
Mata ne

Travis and Maggie said...

Liz, do you still have the rescue?

Liz said...

Are you referring to the Cairn Rescue Info?
If so, yes I am still involved, not as much as previously, it was soooooo hard to foster and fall in love with these cuties, and then have to send them to their furever home, very happy(for them), but heartbreaking(for me).

I am currently fostering one pup, Koal, who I took from a friend who just didn't have the time or patience for a high energy pup like a Cairn.

I haven't listed him with the CRUSA group yet, I was hoping to place him myself, but haven't really had the time to do so yet. He gets along great with my two permanent furkids, Bear and Marley, and has even learned to love the cats somewhat. I do need to find him a good home though, and I certainly DON'T need three dogs (and two cats) :))

Cairns do make great boatdogs, once they ar through their puppy years. There is an accout somewhere of a man who was sailing around the world with his pup, looked just like my Bear, and he was lost at sea (the pup) when the boat sank off the coast of SA in a big storm. The helicopter was lifting him off the boat and he wiggled out of his life jacket and harness. I'll see if I can find it again, it was a GREAT sailblog....until that happened.

I know you already know all this.
Afterall, you do have Chopper, who except for the ears looks to be an all Cairn boy. They are really great litle dogs.
Mata ne

Travis and Maggie said...

I thought Chopper looked a lot like the Cairns, except for the ears like you say. We don't know what he is for sure, but there's definetly terrier in him. Those little terrors have such a bad rep, but he turned out pretty great. Best dog ever I say! If you find any trace of that blog you mentioned I'd love to read it, sounds intense to say the least.

BTW did you read that story about the sailors in Samoa? I borrowed it from Overboard (Maria) and can't stop thinking about it.

Jamie said...

Added your blog to my blogroll. Nice to find you. Keep up the good work!