Monday, March 22, 2010


Chopper watches from the deck of L.M. as we lower boats and gear

The first weekend of Spring was full of sunshine and pleasant temps. Too nice to spend it working on boats, especially after the couple of weeks I had. You see, in my freelance art world, its feast or famine, and that means, on the one hand, we get a nice injection of cash flow during the feast time, and on the other I get my ass kicked working 12 hr. days. Anyway I'm enjoying the work, and right now this schedule complements my boat work schedule, so really everything is just bursting with yummy goodness.

Our new strap and lift system on the top deck of L.M.

Anyway we decided to take out the water toys and go for a ride. Along the way, one improvement to Lucy Maru was utilizing the third level and its davit for both the storing and lifting of our small boats. Why didn't we think of this before?

T using the davit to lower the canoe, while I steady the boat and take pics. How's the for walking and chewing gum at the same time?

With a few straps and bungees, I can now put my kayak into the water by myself, and paddle anytime I like. And, even though I am getting less preoccupied with the " I can do this by myself and don't need any help" mentality, which can be isolating and stressful, I like to be self-reliant.
That's another thing these boats are teaching me. Finding the balance between self and other, between teamwork and independence. So there you go, Jomamma: following the Kreative Blogger rules, here's something you might not know about me: I'm a hard-headed, do-it-yourself-usually-the-hard-way kind of reform.

Me throwing a line that will steady the kayak while I lower it to the water.


Ken n Cheryl said...

Just finding your blog. Me Voy is really nice, and Chopper is adorable. We have spring fever really bad!

jomamma said...

You go Girl! My mom taught my sister and I to be very independent, and I've passed it on to Jolea. It sometimes takes the male gender a bit of time to get used to it, but after awhile they really appreciate a woman who can hold her own and a camera at the same time.

Samantha said...

man, sometimes i get sooo frustrated living on a boat and having to ask for help. i, too, am an independent woman. (who will begrudgingly ask for help when necessary.)

Travis and Maggie said...

Yes indeed spring fever abounds, although today is only about 50 and overcast. Still, no heaters are needed in the boat! Hurray!
I thought you'd like that Jomamma, and it goes to figure that Jolea and her crazy self inherited that spirit from someone, you.
Its one thing to be independent though, and another to be just dumb, and I'm finding that its ok, even fun, to ask for help in doing something. Given the right perspective, it can turn into a mutually shared adventure, instead of a stubborn fight to accomplish something by yourself.

jomamma said...

Oh I agree Maggie, ask for help, get someone to teach you how to do it and always be ready and willing to be corrected. Being corrected just makes you better next time. You wouldn't believe all the guys that were amazed when I learned how to change the sprockets and chains on our go-karts back when hubby and I were racing. They had no idea a girl could do that! Hubby would tell them, "hell she does it better than I do."

Travis and Maggie said...

That's awesome Jomama,you raced go karts! I hear you broke horses too!?

jomamma said...

lol, yeah, I wasn't as good at breaking horses as I was at racing go-karts. All I had to do with the go-kart was to take my foot off the gas when the going got tough. It's another story on the back of a 2 yr old Thoroughbred.

Travis and Maggie said...

You know Jommama, I can't even imagine trying