Monday, April 19, 2010

One Boat at a Time

It was never our intention to restore two boats, much less two boats at the same time. It just happened. Even when we found Lucy Maru, and decided to move in, we still deluded ourselves into thinking that we were only going to live on her, and only work on Me Voy. I remember being sincere in that resolve, and thinking back, I can only laugh at our ignorance. I 'm not sure what it is about boats, but there seems to be something special, something akin to a soul, a consciousness, a bond, that forms between the crew and the boat. There are times, when I know that Lucy feels my presence, like when she edges closer to the dock when I'm stepping aboard, or when Me Voy giggles as I sand her brightwork. Am I imagining this? I tell myself that I am, as the feeling of betrayal starts to creep in whenever I don't work on one of our girls.

Last weekend it was Lucy's turn to get neglected, as both T and I focused on Me Voy. After the crazy temperature swings we have had, the weather was perfect for piddling around on deck.

T making proper mast wedges

Me sanding doggie hatch

Together we caulked the window frames into place. We made the switch from Boat Life caulk to the West Marine caulk. T discovered it thru work, and its so much better then Boat Life! It wipes away much more easily, doesn't discolor, and is about half the price.

We kept a pretty relaxed pace, focusing on enjoying ourselves rather then pushing towards the accomplishment of specific goals. It worked great. We had a good time, and accomplished everything we set out to do. I hope I can apply this attitude to future boat work, coz with so much of it still ahead, it 's easy fall into the trap of rushing to get things done and hating every minute of it. And what's the point of that?


jomamma said...

I love seeing the results of all the hard work you guys have put in on both boats. And if you decide you need help varnishing, remember Jolea -the Varnish Monkey, is just a train ride away. I think it's something more than just the fumes she likes about varnishing.

Eljin said...

She is REALLY starting to look beautiful guys! Keep up the great work. You have a ton to be proud of.

s/v Skylark said...

I don't know how you guys do it. I can barely find the time to keep one boat floating. Nice job!

Mike said...

I love the attitude of just enjoying the process of working on the boat. It is so much more enjoyable, and in many cases productive, to work like that.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

You two are amazing. The boats both are looking beautiful! Your patience and persistance is unbelievable. So absolute opposite of me - ugh.

Jamie said...

Wholehearted agreement about enjoying the process! Small stuff really makes me smile every day on the boat & I love your positive attitudes.