Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Daze

While the heat bakes outside, we hide out in our air conditioned floating bubble.

Still here.  Still hot outside. In preparation for this heatwave, we made plans to go on "vacation". I put that in quotes because truth be told, between my freelance art job, and Travis' self imposed  boat work schedule, we are already living a life with minimal schedules and obligations. Most days already feel like a vacation, as we don't have alarm clocks that jarr us awake, or much job stress.  These last few years, however, have been so much about persevering through this boat restoration, that now, as our to-do lists grow shorter and the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter, we feel the need to step back and see clearly where we have come  and where we are going. In other words,  time to relax and dream again.

And so began our retreat from the heat. Four days of  no obligations greater then taking the dog for a walk. Four days of air conditioned comfort aboard our lovely Tara, made soo cush by Travis who has been diligently working on both boats dealing with things like oil in the water of Mr. Perkins, new wiring for Tara's AC, and a stubborn mercury switch for the new-to-us oven  in the new-to-us galley in Me Voy. Four days of writing, re-writng and editing our continued quest for a simple and self sustaining life. Four days of talking about things we want,  and things we don't want. Four days of watching mindless movies just for fun, four days of afternoon meditation and four days of a clothing optional existence (except for the dog walking). Yup, a vacation at home is just what we needed. I have not yet processed all that we are coming up with, but in the meatime  here is our life.. for now.

I'm refinishing Tara's transom. I've learned from last years experience and decided to spray the varnish. This makes a four hour job into a half hour job. 
My mom and dad came to hang out with us last weekend
Judging from the arrangement of his glasses, this is where I get my 'creative'  from
We moved our kitchen from below deck to the upstairs deck.   I love cooking outside! And I love it even more when Travis cooks outside!
We LOVE our community garden and strongly support urban gardening efforts.
Now that summer is here our garden is producing quite spectacularily again! This made a wonderful and fresh salsa.

Chopper is unconcerned about the future. He trusts us completely to take care of him. 


Anonymous said...

Chopper might be the cutest dog I've ever seen!

jomamma said...

I've missed y'all! Hope you are enjoying a little of our Texas Summer. I sent that up there to ya! We are experiencing our 22nd or 23rd day of over 100!

Samantha said...

love that picture of chopper. beautiful! glad to see you guys are enjoying yourselves.... i was wondering where you'd been!

Travis and Maggie said...

Well it looks like we've been missed. That's sweet, awww.... I'm wondering Jomama after what day did you loose count? Today its been much cooler here, you now in the mid 90's and all 'normal' activities have been resumed.
Sam, I love that pic of Chopper, especially with Billy all blurred and keeping an eye on him in the background. its funny but Billy is much more attached to Chopper then Chopper is to him. They're good friends, don't get me wrong, but its just funny coz Billy was such a tough guy and now, after years, he's gone soft for Chopper.

jomamma said...

Who's in the mid 90's? Gawd I wish 106 yesterday and more of the same for the next 4 days. Normally August is our hottest month.

Laura and Hans said...

Damn! I thought I invented the double glasses thingy!!! Oh well
At least Chopper is a cutie!

Jamie said...

What a great set of photos - they are a lovely window into your goings-on! I tried to talk Brock into letting me spray things when I saw your pics. He doesn't think the penetration into the wood is as good, so I think I'll still have brush in hand. Perhaps he's more concerned about my Infamous Learning Curve? That's my suspicion... Thanks for updating; I've been wondering what you've been up to!

Laura said...

Oh it's hot, hot, hot in Indiana too! Phew!