Sunday, October 16, 2011

Glancing at the last post you'll have noticed that we have been working like mad. Me- to fund this venture of ours and Travis to knock out some of those items of the previously posted list. And you know what, we are getting close! In the last few weeks, new water tanks have been installed on TARA, Me Voy's V berth and state room have been refinished, TARA's roof has been painted, bright work on both boats has been done and a few other projects that are not yet finished are well on their way to completion. What does this all mean? It means that we are seriously getting ready to transition from our 55' Chris Craft to our 46' yacht . When? Everyone wants to when, everyone, including us.

For me, a hurdle to being ready to move onto Me Voy, is my attachment to TARA. She is such a wonderful boat, huge in comparison to the sailboat and filled with luxuries like a washing machine and dishwasher.  I have begun mentally saying goodbye to all these things and daydreaming about life aboard Me Voy. In my experience everything begins with a dream and although TARA is not on the market yet  and saying a real goodbye to her will be very hard, visualizing life aboard Me Voy has made me ready to scale down, simplify further, get down to one boat and focus on other work.  And so, in honor of small space living, I thought the above video might put to rest  worries some people (my parents)  have about living in tight quarters.


jomamma said...

Clarification please, you are fixing Tara in order to sell it, but you are currently living on it, right?

Or are you going to keep Tara and sell Me Voy?

Either way, what's your asking price on the boat you are going to sell? Seriously, email me at

I may be in the market for a boat.

Travis and Maggie said...

Hi Jomamma,

Yes we are fixing up Tara to sell and are keeping Me Voy. Honestly the thing now is that Me Voy is ready to live on, and Tara is nearly ready to let go of, except for that mental attachment thing. Anyway we were going to hold off till spring on selling Tara, but... well there is an interested party here that sounds serious about buying her, and we are seriously tempted to be down to ONE boat.

The price? Today we would sell her for 50,000. In the Spring we will do a haul out and a fresh paint job, and will be asking 65,000. But Jomamma, what would you do with a giant boat like this? Doesn't hubby get sea sick just looking at boats?

Jamie said...

Love the video; that really is a small space, but then again our head w/ shower is smaller than hers and works just fine. It's funny how after a few years, you instinctively know the sequence of moves to make to move smoothly through the boat. I always hit the ladder to the lazarette with the same feet/same rung. Good for you to be planning the move to Me Voy. Time to let go of Tara, it sounds like. The first offer is frequently the best; I'm excited for you!

Travis and Maggie said...

Thanks Jamie. We are so flaky about the selling TARA. We have not put her on the market officially, and I wonder if our last comment is even appropriate since its more like thinking out loud. But whatever.

Anonymous said...

That seems like a pretty good deal for a boat of her stature. You guys have put in a lot of work, a lot of quality work I might add, and I hope it pays off for you. Keeping my fingers crossed,


Attila and Vlad said...

Just found your blog. We just bought a 36' foot sailboat, and one my favorite things to watch is my 6'3" boyfriend try to squeeze into the head. Yet another good reason to be short!

Thanks for the post, and good luck on all the boat work!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Great video! We love Manhattan and just like living in the tropics, a small space is worth it! This goes to show living in a small apt or boat is not so difficult. Moving from Tara will be an adjustment, but at least you're not going to a 30 footer like us .. LOL! We're trying to prepare ourselves for selling our house .. we know it will be both exciting and excruciating!