Tuesday, November 8, 2011

B&S Boat Trick #1

One thing you just can't get on a boat, or at least on most boats is a long hot shower. Ironically during the summer, when our water hose is bypassing the water tanks, and laying on the deck absorbing the sun's heat, this is not an issue, but who wants long hot showers in the summer? In the winter, however, our shower practice looks something like this: turn on water til warm, get all necessary parts wet, turn off water, lather all necessary parts, turn on water and rinse til water begins to get cool. This takes all of about seven minutes. But somehow, thru some sheer luck I have stumbled upon the remedy for this, and I am calling it my Beer and Skittles Boat Trick #1. Ready? The answer lies in turning down the water pressure! If I seem a little excited about this its coz I am! With the water pressure turned down to an acceptable stream,  I am taken back to the steamy showers of land life, where I have time to lather, rinse and stand and stand under that lovely stream and relax. Ahhhh.

 Does anyone out there have any boat tricks they discovered? Do tell.


jomamma said...

We had neighbors in Okla who would wash all their clothes (in a wringer washer outside) on wash day using water heated in water hoses laid all over their yard to collect the heat from the sun. That hose must have been 3 miles long.

Anonymous said...

I pee in the sink to prevent filling up our holding tank.