Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy almost here

This morning, with a steady 15-20 knots of wind blowing curtesy of Hurricane Sandy, we answered the question of how we are going to get Chopper to land to do his business. 

We put on our foul weather gear and do it... It was actually kinda fun in an adventure kinda way.  We were not the only ones out there. All the poor saps with their soaking animal friends were scurring about "taking care of business", and we exchanged glances of sympathy, along with a "stay safe".

Back on the boat, we finally got to put that cool radar we got gifted from Diversified Marine to some use. We installed in the galley so that we could monitor the radar from inside while sailing, but since we haven't sailed much it hasn't come in handy until now. Today we are watching it to see what the wind speed is outside. Since the morning, it has increased to 30 with some gust of 35. The worst is supposed to hit us around 7 pm and hang around till Wed.

Since I took this pic the wind has increased to a steady 35 and the water level has dropped to 10.4 ft, which means, as predicted the Northerly wind will push the surging water out of the bay, so that flooding should not be an issue.

We are now all battened down, just waiting for this thing to really hit. I got Irish cream in my coffee, brownies in the oven, and socks drying on the radiator. Chopper is sleeping soundly, Travis is reading calmly, but Billy is nervous. Outside the wind is howling but we are not tilting yet, and so we wait to see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Well as your next store neighbor I feel your pain .....its looking nasty already ! The thought of packing Capt.Addy up and taking the normally beautiful walk to the promenade doesn't feel myself or Addy ! So here we sit riding it out on the boat ! We are glad you are out here with us! We have been out here for every storm for 20 plus years ! We are usually the only ones out here, so we feel lucky to have two more sets of hands if needed ! Four people can do much more than two ! So with that in mind do you think your as smart as we are or just as dumb! ! Either way here we are riding the storm out here together....yeah ! Dee

Travis and Maggie said...

Not sure we can offer two sets of hands as one of us is already sucking his thumb in the fetal position, hahah! As to the smartness or dumbness of the situation its hard to say, but at least we are away from powerlines and trees! And we float!

jomomma said...

I have thought about you guys all day. Jolea text me this morning with the news of the Bounty (one of her friends is/was aboard.) Stay safe.

Travis and Maggie said...

ugh god, we saw the footage from the bounty. Jolea crossed my mind since she was into that, and I wondered if she knew someone on board. Thanks for your thoughts!

jomomma said...

The first mate had asked her to crew on the Bounty just last spring when they were heading back North for the Hurricane season. How sad that they were on their way back South for the season and this happens. Many former crew members have said that it was one of the most unsafe ships on the sea.

So glad you guys are OK.