Monday, December 8, 2008

A Day in the Life

The day started cold and dreary   
and things were not looking good
Breakfast first, then boat work


  Not ready!  Not Ready!      
 Just think happy thoughts!
  What's Travis doing?
  And where's Chopper?
OUCH! This hurts!  

 Is this the worst job ever?
No, remember this?    

 And how can you forget...?
I'll definitely try to forget this! 

 Can we go home now?
Just as soon as I'm done           
with the mortise!             

Meanwhile, back at the house,
Billy awaits the "food givers"
Yeah! They're finally home!  

Billy! I missed you!
and now for an adult beverage
 and the days misery is forgotten!


force ten hurricane said...

that's awesome! you guys are keeping me going. thanks!

btw, sometimes it takes an adult beverage or two just to get me started! :D

Merry Christmas from the boat shop in Louisiana!


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