Monday, December 29, 2008

Warm and Fuzzy


Despite saying that we didn't want anything for Christmas, we drove back from Virginia loaded down with bags and boxes of new, sweet smelling stuff. Sweaters, books, shampoos, dog toys and of course, leftover Christmas food, made for the majority of our loot. Why is it that when you say you don't want anything for Christmas, no one ever believes you? 

It was nice to be warm, without relying on a wood stove or ceramic heaters blowing on your toes. I noticed how the majority of people are completely disconnected from the elements. Houses are warm, cars are warm, stores are warm, the only brief encounter with the outside comes from migrating between any of these destinations. Except if you are a smoker,in which case, due to the new laws and general smoking snobbery, you will be forced to spend some time outdoors. 

I love the outdoors, and even though it was freezing one day, it did warm up to almost 60 the next! We took that opportunity to feed the neighbor's horse some apples. That was my first time ever feeding a horse, they're so big and slobbery!  I was scared, but Rusty turned out to be a "sweet'olethang" and that made me feel warm and fuzzy...

1 comment:

jomamma said...

I have officially brought you over to my backyard... I found you in Meerkat months ago and then lost you.

I'm excited to see what this new year brings for you guys in the restoration of your vessel. I would love to do what you are doing, even after all your pictures of the good, bad and ugly in this process. I like taking really ratty things and making them shine again.

Just keep an eye on the prize, cuz it's going to be a doozie when you get there... I'll be watching.