Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Striking a Balance

Sailing by cargo ships in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

All work and no play makes for a very dull day. That's why its important for us to keep a good balance between working on the boats and having fun on boats. I think this Memorial Day weekend was a great example of just that.  We worked removing the rot from the bow section of the hull on Lucy Maru, as well as primered and faired the new deck and widow section on the port side.

Travis inspecting and removing rotten planks

Digging rot out of some planks in the bow
Then we went sailing, twice! Once on T's racing boats the E33's which you would have gotten to know in the previous blog, and then on Russels's boat Lady Bug. 

Check out Chopper, he is loving it!

Russel fighting the wheel, Travis woo- whoooing, Baltimore skyline in background

sailing and smiling go hand in hand

Baltimore Inner Harbor 

Sailing is so much fun, I love it! I can't wait to get better at it, as I get all messed up in steering with the tiller. Everything is backwards when steering with a tiller, so if you want to go right you move the tiller to the left, and so on. Then of course there's keeping to a course, and knowing where you are, and knowing where other boats are, that add to my confusion. So I can't say that I'm a natural sailor, but I really want to learn all there is to know about it. And it looks like, living in the marina, we will get plenty of opportunity to do just that.
 Us fishing off our back deck during a work break

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jomamma said...

I wish I could fish off my back deck.... I guess I could but only if I wanted to catch a rabbit.