Friday, May 22, 2009

Why It's All Worth It

We got an unpleasant surprise while sanding the hull, more rot. Looks like some planks and ribs up at the bow are in dire need of replacing. That means our haulout  has to be moved back, which of course moves our return to Me Voy even further back. Big bummer there.  

But rather then dwelling on this unfortunate turn of events I decided to remind myself why this madness called working on boats is all worth it. 

First, living on the water we can easily slip into our canoe and kayak
 and take a little paddle whenever we want. We have already been out four times, which is three times more then last year.
Travis and Chopper enjoy a morning paddle

Another bonus to living on the water is all the wildlife around us.  Now that its getting warmer we have seen baby geese and ducks, water snakes, turtles, and all kinds of birds. This provides simple and fulfilling entertainment for both us and Billy and Chopper.  In fact I'm not sure what's more fun, watching the ducks or watching Billy and Chopper watching the ducks.
              Billy and Chopper watch the ducks 

Another plus to this boating life style is the marina. Not only are the "neighbors" really cool, but the simple pleasure of  coming home to the gently splashing water against the dock is awesome.  
         Billy enjoys the sunset on his perch

The last thing I will mention here is the light. Light everywhere! Coming from the warehouse, , where you couldn't tell if it was morning or evening outside, versus living on the boat  where we are surrounded by windows, is spectacular! We can grow plants, and see what we look like in the daylight!
           This is what I look like in the light


jomamma said...

My school closes June 5, I work till June 19th, can I come stay the summer and work on your boat???? Have I mentioned how much I like to take grubby things and make them pretty?

Travis and Maggie said...

You shouldn't joke around like that! We may take you seriously and then you'll really be in trouble! You are joking right?

jomamma said...

I am joking... as much as I'd love to... I couldn't spend that much time away from the hubby. He seems to get really hungry when I'm gone, and he's been known to call and tell me he doesn't have any clean underware. Yeah, he's a bit spoiled after 28 years.

But I bet Jolea would come up and take my place. Did you know she's known as The Varnish Monkey?

Travis and Maggie said...

Varnish monkey? We sure could use one of those! I've seen her blog, the pirate wench right?, and she seems to be having too much fun to give that up for dust, sweat and yes, sometimes tears! oh well, bit by bit we plod forward. I did just wash the deck, and must say that that is by far the most fun job on the boat so far :)