Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching Up

Travis :

It has been a long hard Summer. Nothing but work it seems. The past few weeks leading up to the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis brought a lot of extra work at my job at a time when I am already cramming at home to get Lucy Maru buttoned up for the rapidly approaching Winter. Now the show is over and I am on "vacation". I finally have time to get some work done. And, maybe have a little fun with friends on a cool little sailboat. This is us on "emotion" an older e33. The entire company and their lady counterparts are onboard. We made it all the way out of the cove when the outhaul for the mainsail broke, again. Our trip was cut short and thousands of suggestions were made on how to fix the problem, but in the end we just sat around drinking beer in green bottles.

We were unable to get the sails for "arch angel", the latest e33, for delivery to the show. We motored the whole way, 4hours, on what would have been a perfect day for sailing. The sails arrived the day the show opened. Thanks Doyle Sails!!! I sailed "emotion", with her newly repaired rig, down with a friend a couple of days later. Another perfect day for sailing.

Easily the best one yet.

"arch angel" and "P-cardy", a new Chesapeake 20

I did manage to get some work done. Maggie and I got the back deck repaced.

Then we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Then more work. Maggie sanded and faired the deck house and deck.

I worked on the side.

New sheer clamp.

Then just as the weather turned foul, the Honda guy called and said Maggie's new car was in. We went and brought it home. It as a brand new Honda fit. We are honestly thinking of giving up the boat dream now so we can just go roadtripping. Maybe follow String Cheese or something.

Chopper approves. I guess we'll keep it. It has rained now for four days, and no more work has been done. I love the rain.


jomamma said...

Nooo, don't give up the boat dream. Just roadtrip while it's raining. It's just winter coming on. You'll feel differently in the spring.

Travis and Maggie said...

No no, the boat dream lives! Notice Travis prefaced this sentence with "honestly"? I mean can you ever trust a sentence like that?