Friday, October 30, 2009

Schizophrenic Boatwork

Between getting L.M ready for winter, Me Voy ready for launch, Chopper's stubborn eye infection, working jobs, revamping my website, and just living, well...phew!

Our ride to Me Voy is 1 1/2 hrs, this is the Bay bridge over the Chesapeake

Me Voy is in a state of Deep Chaos as Travis works on wiring
I being painting the mast

We had to flip the mast over, which wasn't as hard as it sounded, but look how flexible the mast is. It looks like its bent in this pic.

The varnish on the mast was beautiful, but too much to keep up with, and it would have needed many more coats, so we made this scallop which is going to be right at the boom. I think this is going to looks so sharp!

Chopper Fit! And here we go back over the bridge to Baltimore.

Now back on Lucy Maru this is the last of the rotten deck to be replaced

Plywood going in

It looks like magic in picture but this was hours of work. And, even though it looks like T is doing all the work, well for some reason all the pics of me cutting, grinding, sanding, epoxing were filled with blinding light. I know I wasn't having that good of a time!

Deck before primer

Deck primered, Chopper approves

Check out our cool roll up willow shades. I love them. This aft deck still needs to get doors and a railing and canvas. You can't really see in this pic, but that's our industrial singer sewing machine, ready to go. We got it for free, from this seamstress, all we had to do was carry it up three flights of stairs, since she sewed in the basement. It was so worth it. (T did have the heavy end)

Sanded and faired deck house

Primered deck house with winter canvas

And there we float...

So yeah, I'm beat. Now a walk with the dog, a Hollywood shower and a cheesy chick flick.
Very un-Halloween like, but really, do you think I a care?


Overboard said...

LM looks transfored. I love the deck adn those blinds! So do you plan to rent it out while you go off on the other boat in your armada? Because that would be a great idea. LM would be a very popular place to live on.

Travis and Maggie said...

Yeah we tossed that idea around. It is a cool place to live, but it would take finding a special person or people. As you know boat living can be challenging. Anyway I'm sure that all will work out, but the dream would be to have a nice steady income from LM while cruising exotic place on Me Voy. But, we haven't even sailed Me Voy yet and there is so much left to do just to get her rigged and moved to Baltimore. I love that you call us the armada and I can't wait to see your boat. I give you so much kudos for having the guts to be the sole owner of a what looks to be a sizable vessel!

jomamma said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! Don't get rid of that sewing machine... you can have a side income if you ever need it doing repairs or making covers for things. Hubby's dad has one, I hope he'll give it to us one day.

I'm proud of all the hard work you guys have put in on both boats.

Jamie said...! I laughed out loud for real as I looked through your ONE blog post. There's enough activity there to keep most boat owners busy for several months! Good thing you have seemingly endless energy :)

The deck really looks sharp. You are doing fantastic things!

Travis and Maggie said...

Right, Jamie, it's just seemingly endless. We're ragged out, worn down, and sucking our thumbs in the fetal position whenever we are not working on boats!