Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chaos in the belly

Tomorrow we are launching Me Voy and stepping her mast! T has been working non-stop on the rig, staying on the Eastern shore, amid the chaos on Me Voy. He joined the growing number of unemployed this week, as E Yacht Builders have no new boat commissions. We both have high hopes as to the things he'll be able to accomplish on both boats during the time off. The funny coincidence is that I got a raise in both of my freelance gigs at the same time. So once again the tables have turned, T is now the "housewife" and I'm again the "bread-winer". Life is amazing!


jomamma said...

What a blessing. When the hubby was laid off after his treatment he would refer to himself as The Deadbeat Husband, and I would call myself The Breadwinner.

"Everything happens for a reason." Is what the Tarot Card reader told me 15 years ago, she also said (a lot) "it will be OK, it's all good."

And yes she did say hubby would get sick and would become aware of his health. For the first time in his life he's now taking vitamins.

Travis and Maggie said...

My mom has been pushing the Emergen-C on me. Its supposed to be "the thing" delivering a jolt of vitamin C to our systems like nothing else!

Everything does happen for a reason!