Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Improvements

Meet our new rug.... The Great All Seeing Amir, or just Amir, made by the good people of Iran.
Its so soft, and silky and fits our place perfectly! On sale from $1700 to $350! Wahooooo!

Other improvements included a new bean holder solution which you can see hanging on the wall behind Chopper. It's a shoe holder and it works great!

New curtains were also on my winter to do list... more on that later

For now check out the view. Does something seem a bit off? That's our neighbor's Bigga Mike's boat. Or was his boat, as it sank yesterday. He wasn't aboard, and luckily he got his stuff out of it just the day before it went down. Looks like he timed his exit wisely.


jomamma said...

Those shoe holders are good for so many things. Wow, that's too bad about the neighbor's boat. Is the insurance company going to think he got his stuff off just in the nick of time?

Travis and Maggie said...

I don't believe there was an insurance company. I'm finding out there are two kinds of live-aboards, those who live on a boat coz its cheap, meaning the marina fees are cheap and if you spend no money on boat stuff, you can really live save some bucks. Then there are those who care about their boats, and well, that's not so cheap.

Overboard said...

That is just the most beautiful rug ever and what a bargain. There are some things I buy, and rugs like what you like is also my cup of tea.
It'll last forever.

Travis and Maggie said...

Thanks O. I agree absolutely! and love it more and more everyday. And it really did tie the room together!