Saturday, January 30, 2010


Billy, our resident philosopher, has inspired me to take a moment and reflect both on our journey thus far, and on our destination.

Purchasing Lucy Maru, and sailing Me Voy to Baltimore stand out as two milestones of 2009. Of course there were many smaller milestones (moving out of "the cave", selling the shop tools, Travis becoming a "real boatwright", launching Me Voy, re-planking L.M., re-decking L.M., rigging Me Voy) that made 2009 a very active year.

Now its 2010, and the arbitrary deadline that I casually set up for us to leave Baltimore on our first cruise is fast approaching. The timeline was set for 35. That is I wanted to take off when I was 35 years old. That puts it at Fall 2011. Totally within the realm of propability.

Now, when we agreed that this was our goal, but we had no idea how this was going to happen. We had no boat, very little money, no experience sailing or otherwise working on boats. But, knowing that the Universe we live in is in fact conspiring to help us, we knew that all we had to do was to figure out what we wanted, and then how to get it would be revealed to us. And so it was.

Forward to 2010. We have a boat (x2), we still have very little money, we have tons of boat working experience and some sailing experience. The Universe is still conspiring to help us.

Take this weather for instance. Its a perfect conspiracy. Perfect for sitting around with oatmeal bars and green tea, making lists of things that we plan on accomplishing in 2010. Lists with Winter goals, and Spring goals. Lists with colums like things to learn, things to aquire, and things to let go. Lists within lists, listing things we have no idea how we're going to accomplish, just knowing that we will. And, if we don't, well that's all part of the conspiracy too. Hope everyone out there is enjoying their own Universal Conspiracy!


Liz said...

All very great goals, accomplishments, and theories.
Good on ya'll !!!!!!!!
Keep up the great work and you will be "Out There" before ya know it !!
Mata ne
PS just don't forget to stop in or at least wave as you go by Wrightsville Beach.

jomamma said...

I think you guys have done quiet well. It's like in that book Secrets, put it out on the winds, out into the Universe and it will happen. Post those goals in a place you can look at them daily and they will all get done. I don't think there's a conspiracy, everything is just jockeying for position.

Travis and Maggie said...

Thanks, L. ,Wrightsville beach is definetly on the float plan.
I like your jockeying for position image, J. Today it indeed felt like several things were in a race to the finish line, but in the end...a commercial break.

Anonymous said...

Universal conspiracy only works if you do your half of the conspiring. God helps those who help themselves.

Samantha said...

HEY! i'll be 35 in the fall of 2011,too! we don't necessarily have a deadline or goal in particular but sounds like we are all on the same path... getting our boat tuned in, learning to sail and then we'll see where the wind takes us.

Nishant said...

It's like in that book Secrets, put it out on the winds,

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