Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We did the List. Actually is it was five lists, but here I will focus on only one of them, our WINTER LIST.

In order for this to work we had to rearrange our seasons, meaning, for our purposes, Winter will now being in Feb.and last till the end of April. Three months to do the following:

-remove old fuel tanks, make/find appropriate replacements and install
-paint lazarette
-put in aft holding tank
-finish laundry room
-replace rotten shelf and bulkhead in galley
-rewire 12v. light in galley
-make sign for transom
-paint or veneer bulkhead in aft head
-plant for spring planting season

-finish engine room re-build
-service and install engine and engine controls
-install additional scupper in cockpit
-install electronics

Each of these projects deserves a list of its own, as there are many many things that go into each of them. I don't know that we can do all of this, given that we also have jobs, among other distractions.

Speaking of that, Travis is now working at one of Annapolis' premier marine service companies. He's doing everything from woodwork, to electronics, to plumbing, to engine winterizing. Its amazing how he took to this boat work and how good at it he is. In fact, after we finished this list, my head was swimming and the expression on my face could only be called the deer in headlights look. Then I looked over at Travis, who was very composed, already planning which project to begin first. And this warm and fuzzy feeling crept into my bones, as I realized that he gets lists like these all the time at work, its no big deal to him, he's a "professional". When did that happen? This was further confirmed when he looked up from his thoughts, eyes filled with ideas, and said "It's not really that much."


jomamma said...

I love having lists... it helps keep me organized besides, it's fun to mark things off when they are finished.

rob said...

Wow what a man!:o)) I wish I had his drive and entheusiasm :o))

Travis and Maggie said...

Seriously Rob, I wish I had his drive and enthusiasm too!
J, I hate making lists. They're so black and white. Very digital, while I like to operate in more analog ways. But once again T excels in this area. He's very much a planner. What good coat tails I'm riding!

Nishant said...

it's fun to mark

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