Friday, December 10, 2010

Keepin' On

After four days of  steady onslaught  the wind has stopped, and is replaced by bitter cold temps. Low 30's, or about 15 degrees below normal for these parts. Grateful to have our footing again, we plug away in the cold, determined to make the progress that will allow us to leave these cold winters behind forever.

Travis has been making steady progress on MeVoy,  hooking up the electronics that we were gifted last year.  Just today he got the radar mast up, with our  GPS antenna, radar and LED deck light wired and ready to go.  He also hooked up the SSB  antenna, and the Loran antenna. We were considering  getting rid of the Loran, but since we had all the parts, we decided to keep it.  Top of the line 80's technology! Quite handy actually, as it uses radio frequency, instead of satellite, to pin point the boat's position.  Its the early version of GPS and chart plotter in one, much more difficult to use, package. That means solar storms have only us to fear, arrrrrgh...

Radar mast is going up
Radar, GPS, Loran, and SSB all hooked up!

Torn between staying aboard Tara and supervising on Me Voy, Chopper watches intently as Travis works on MeVoy a few slips away. 

Meanwhile, Tara's canvas is beginning to come together.  My deadline is Sunday, as after that the temperatures are supposed to dip even lower! Brrrrrrrrrr.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you two are really working hard. Trust that it will pay off if you stick with it ;)