Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Comes like a Lion

Don't let this picture fool you. Winter has arrived. And none of us are smiling about it!

Squeek, grrrr, plop, swoooooosh, thud thud... this symphony of creaks, groans, and bangs alerts us to the winds whipping outside. Today marks day three of sustained 25-30 mph winds. I'm talking around the clock wind, gusty cold Northern wind, wind that has turned our sink drains into miniature ice blowers as it pushes itself anyway it can into our rocking and squeaking home. Living here, like this, we are aware of every nuance of both the wind and water. Every howl, every roll, every jingle of glass bumping against glass is identified. We are the wind, we are the boat and we are the water. This intimacy with nature, even when She is not very nice, is awesome.

(Billy, the cat, disagrees with the above statement.)

In these conditions all work grinds to a halt. So we watch movies, read, cook, play music, draw, whatever. I mention this, because recently we saw a great video called Hold Fast . If you have about an hour check out these crusty-punk kids and their boat appropriately named Pestilence. Its a smart, witty, insightful and really really stooopid adventure.


Mike said...

Thanks for the link to that video. We just watched the entire thing and enjoyed it.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Yes, boat work has stopped here in Louisiana as well. The inside of your boat looks so comfy, it even has the bottle of wine on the table! Stay warm and thanks for the link.

Becka and Justin said...

This is great! It's so awesome that you watched Hold Fast. Its definitely got our wheels turning!

Travis and Maggie said...

Mike your WIFI must be somekind of good to be streaming video, nice and your welcome eh?

MLC- yeah the boat is a great nest in these frigid temps. Surprisingly it isn't that expensive to heat with electric. Yeah I thought I'd capture an ordinary afternoon setting, complete with a cheapo bottle of wine, just to remember how lucky we are! BTW I thought LA. is supposed to be warm?!

B& J thanks to you guys for seeing it first! I'm just spreading the word, doin my part you know...long live stoopid adventures!

Anonymous said...

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