Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter in the Tropics of Baltimore

After our family cruise on Easter Day (aka. Me Voy Day) aboard our recent family addition, the sailing dinghy Miss Gen, the  storms began.  Unlike the typical rain and wind bashing we usually tend to receive here, these were more like tropical storms, with heavy, wet rain and no wind. The rain falling on the surface of the water had the curious sound of  raindrops on leaves, magnifying the tropical rainforest  feel already hanging in the air.

Miss Gen all put to bed

A steady, warm rain, poured from the above, running colors together into a Monet - like vision everywhere. The  sound of the rain was steady and there were none of the usual dock line moanings or fender squeeks to be heard. Strangely absent was the typical clanging of the haylards  and the splashing of water against the hull. It seemed the rain was lulling each boat to sleep.  All was silent except for the big blobs of a thick, warm rain falling onto the surface of the water surrounding us on all sides.  Just the rain falling and the boat barely moving. 

We sat in the aft deck, watched the world melt and listened to the rolling rumbling of thunder late into Easter night. It was a beautiful night to be on Earth. 


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Love the pictures! One of them does look like things are melting.

Travis and Maggie said...

MLC thanks so much. I thought they were great too, seems like we're the only ones though...