Saturday, July 7, 2012

Party All the Time

America, hell ya!
Aside from battling the heat and getting thru work, it has felt like one long party since the 1812 sailabration and this 4th of July. We've been hanging out with old friends catching up on five years of having our heads up a boat's bilge, and making new friends who's income tax bracket and lifestyle falls more into the yachtsmen category then the working stiff division.

We had a perfect view of the fireworks this year at our new "yachty marina", and had a great time swimming in the marina's floating pool. It seems like our good karma with neighbors continues, as our new neighbor Dee, not only supplies us with fresh corn, but is nice enough to hose off the duck poop off of the pier while we're away. Despite all this pomp and glory we miss our little redneck marina with trees and live music and will be heading there as soon as the heat breaks. Anchoring is still to come and despite looking like real cruisers, we are still not there. The missing ingredients include a ladder to get off the boat, a proper dinghy and motor (although we could make do with the one we have), a bimini to mount the solar panels so they won't get in the way of the sheets (lines) while sailing, and courage. We are steadily pursuing all these goals, without putting too much pressure on ourselves, figuring that whenever anchoring happens will be the right time. For now here are some pics from the fancy pansy marina that somehow we have schlepped into.

can Americans dress up a boat or what!

Home baked american blueberry pie, yum!
What do you give two vegetarians at a carnage-que? Corn!

Dee and her teacup kitty Capt. Addy Tude
Jammin in the cock pit
Blue Angels
Chopper shows off his toys

All- American
Grillin in the cock pit

How did we get here...?

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