Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Day Before Tomorrow

So its really going to happen, we are going to live on a boat, soon. Much sooner then either of us expected. We concocted this "two-boat plan" about two months ago and were looking around for some cheap houseboats. The cheapest we found was a Holiday Mansion, that was pulled from the bottom of the inner harbor in Baltimore, and they wanted 3 grand for that! So, we said that we were really open to anything, including getting something nicer, and perhaps not even a house boat.
That call went out about a month ago and lo and behold, during one of my craigslist surfings, I find an ad that we had completely missed. I recognized the boat at once, because its the same one that Travis and I drooled over everytime we went to sail our little Grampian three years ago. Only now, with peeling paint, and a badly needed bottom job, she was for sale, and actually within our budget, which is not that big! To buy or not to buy? Buy, buy, buy! All the bloggers thoughts so anyway. OK that's not totally fair since you didn't know the details, and I'm still scared to say them out loud. But here goes... we will be welcoming to our family a 1961 55' Chris Craft Constellation.

She's a double planked mohagany on white oak construction. Solid for the most part, with some rot in the bulkheads. Nice wiring, two running Detroit diesels, and set up for living aboard, as her previous owners lived aboard for 12 years.
So what do you think now? Please be gentle with your comments, I'm in a very fragile state.


Overboard said...

It's great!!
Love it.

jomamma said...

Woooo Hoooo, Fantastic! I wish I were in your shoes. One to live in, one to work on, soon one to live and sail and one to sell. Excellent plan.

Trip said...

I'm glad you found my blog so that I could read yours! The Voy is pretty great, looks like you two are going through alot of great changes, I hope to be doing some extended cruising (living aboard) in the future.

The 55'er looks great and I bet it would be such a joy to live on! If the price is right and the boat doesn't need to much work it could very well be a good investment.

Go for it!