Monday, February 16, 2009

I am NOT surpesticious


It was Friday the 13th and everything was going as scheduled. I was to pick up the cash at the bank, and meet John to get the title and sign all the paperwork. Travis was working, so it was up to me and Chopper to carry out the mission. I gave myself ample time between the bank and going to John's because I knew I wanted to build a little money house. I envisioned money stacks, crisp and bound, pilled three, four, five stories high perhaps? As it turned out, my money house was barely a split level, with the whole of the stash measuring about an inch 1/2". Its amazing that anyone would want to trade a whole boat for that!

"Are you going to be all right carrying all this cash?" asked the bank teller, who was a bit annoyed that we walked up to her window before she could sneak off to lunch. 
"Sure. I got the dog"
We both look down at Chopper, who by this time knows the meaning of "dog", and is looking at us with a bit of an ironic look, like he understands sarcasm too.
The bank teller doesn't smile, while she tucks our hundies into a sweet money bag that was given to us by the neighbors. I was prepared to take a suitcase, but Joey insisted an envelope sized bag would be roomy enough. 

Anyway I made a few more little jokes, mostly because I was so nervous. Paranoia had gripped me while standing at the little window. I was sure that big guy next to me was counting the money, and he didn't look to be afraid of Chopper. I was looking to see if he was making eye contact with anyone else at the bank, and was prepared to abandon plan if I saw anything suspicious. 

Everything, however, turned out alright. I met with John, he signed the title, I handed him the cash, and that was it. We shook hands, and I drove off with an empty money bag and Jimmy Buffet singing on the ipod... "mother, mother, ocean.."


Overboard said...

He he he. Reminds me of when I paid for my flat in Africa by emptying out my school locker of $60,000 in Japanese yen, stuffing it in a Mister Donuts bag that a friend had given me(don't eat them myself, horrid donuts in Japan Land), popped the bag on the handlebars of my bike, and cycled off to the bank.

jomamma said...

The best part of the story was when you took the CASH out of the bank. I bet the bank manager was ill. They hate for anyone to take large sums of cash out. They'd rather give you a cashier's check (play money.) I don't like bankers, they are just crooks in disguise.

I can't wait to see all the nooks and cranies of the new vessel.

Travis and Maggie said...

I don't think I'll do much travelling in Japan. From your writing Overboard it sounds so lame! Even the donuts are bad?!