Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maggie: Here are a few pics of the new boat, Lucy Maru. We'll post more as time allows. Now with two boats there's only boat work! No we have not forgotten Me Voy! 

                This is the aft deck, plenty of ball playing space!
                                             Billy, loves it!  This way to the salon
                                              love the light!
               dining booth, and our friend scrubbing bubbles
                                                guest state room
                                                           guest head
                                      view from master state room

I can't believe this boat. spent the weekend floating, now back on land and it feels like things are moving still. 

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Blue-Eyed Scallop said...

WOW! It's huge!!! Hope you'll be willing to give up all the space (esp vertical) when Me Voy is ready... did anyone tell you that once you're sailing/cruising, you'll pretty much be living on a 45 degree angle... especially, if you like to move from place to place as much as we do. With a powerboat, or a cat, you are never heeled over. You don't even have to have a gimbaled stove! A sailboat is another story... can you pee sideways? You can under sail!