Monday, March 2, 2009

Go away Winter

Today it snowed. Yup that big snow storm hitting the Northeast, that's us. Not good, for two people, working on two boats. That's one boat each!  I will be the first to admit, though, I couldn't do it alone, and Travis kicks ass! 
It is a bit terrifying right now though, as Me Voy is almost ready to go in the water, with only the engine room left to be re-built (just ribs left as far as the bilge stuff) and the bulkheads, and now Lucy Maru in a state of "progress". That means we had to rip off a section of her stern  to get to some rot, that had to be dealt with before we could build our master state room. Phew, that is even long to say, much less to do! So anyway now there's snow covering our plastic job that covers the port quarter of Lucy.  Stupid, stupid winter! 

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jomamma said...

I know I'm over it... but at least we don't have snow. Bless your hearts (that's something we say here in Texas...) we'll try to blow some hot air up your way real soon.