Monday, January 10, 2011

Progress Happens

2010 was again a year jammed with boat projects. Having two boats in the same marina, not to mention the same city, made it much easier, but... the question remains, what the hell were we thinking?!

-replace rotten hull material  on starboard (right) side.*
-sand/fill/paint starboard side*
-rubberize and non-skiddify decks*
-install windlace switch a hawse pipe*
-paint deck house*
-build laundry room*
-build master state room*
-rewire for 12 V*
-varnish transom*
-make transom letters*
-paint lazarette
-paint aft head
-service engines*
- get new anchor and bow light
-make canvas for winter*

* means we have completed a project

Me Voy
-paint deckhouse
-paint cockpit
-install doggie door*
-reseal windows*
-add a scupper in cockpit*
-remove lazarette rot*
-paint lazarette*
-rebed stanchions
-install propane
-install radar mast and radar*
-install chartplotter*
-finish painting engine room*
-install and hook up engine*
-hook up exhaust*
-hook up engine controls*
-go for a sail*

We didn't do to bad, and even though our 2011 list is already looking beefy, we feel  half confident that this new year will be 'The One'. You know, the one where we have only one ahsum boat, a phat bank account, and a plotted course that takes us to warm places. Can it really be that easy? Ha!


s/v Skylark said...

I really hope it is that easy. I am looking for the same type of year. :)

Travis and Maggie said...

I hope it happens for you!

s/v Skylark said...

You guys have done an incredible job on both boats. I was just putting my Spring 2011 to-do list together when I saw your post. I can only hope for the progress you have had. Keep up the awesome updates!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Wow, ya'll knocked out a lot in 2010! We're afraid to actually write down what we hope to accomplish this year. Hope we all have a lot of stuff off our lists this time next year and we're all that much closer to living our dreams.

Travis and Maggie said...

oooh looks like everyone is making lists this time of year. :)

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yeah, I'm kind of wondering what the hell were you thinking too, but you two amaze me. So much incredible work done in such a short time! We on the otherhand are kind of the king and queen of procrastination. I am also like the shoemaker's daughter... My husband is a marine contractor, so when he get done with work, he doesn't want to finish projects on our boat. Our Lonseal floor has been placed in our main salon. Just placed. Never stuck down. For about 5 years...

Travis and Maggie said...

That's funny Heather, we've got that going too. There's some fake tile that we really liked using, that we put dowm in the head, but the rest of it is still in the box waiting to be put down in the galley. And we got the shoemakers daughter happening too, although Travis now no longer works professionally as a boatwright, for years it was really hard for him to get excited about our boats. However not really loving Baltimore has always served as a good motivator. I think if we were somewhere nice, like you guys, things would take much longer. But anyway, thanks. I'm sort of in shock at all the things we got done this year too.