Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Me Haul out - Conclusion

At the end of three days, when our skin is still slighty green and our muscular system is begging for mercy (at least mine was) there is this ... the lift off.

If you ever get the chance to be near a large heavy boat while its being lifted off the ground - do it! It is a thrill. As Me Voy's massive body elevated, there was the sensation of a giant wave of air rolling over my chest. Like the air displaced by the hull was sucking back under and rolling out over the space previously occupied by the boat. Phew.

Then came the rush of activity as we painted in the spots left by the jacks and keel blocks.

And then the splash in. Again everything went smoothly. The guys running the lift were totally professional and super helpful. When we didn't have a 50 amp adapter cord, the yard manager, R, sold us one for one third the retail price!  Score! So yes, if we are in Baltimore for our next haul out it will definately be at Baltimore Marine Center. What a great place. 


Bill K said...

I left a 50 amp adapter behind once and had to replace it OUCH !!

Bill Kelleher

jomomma said...

I want that boat!!!!