Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moving onto Me Voy

So it happened.  Cart by cart we loaded our stuff off of Tara onto Me Voy, docked a few hundred yards away. It couldn't have gone better. Billy, who my my biggest concern, took to rubbing himself over every line, nook and cranny of the new boat. All of our stuff, despite looking like it would never fit, got swallowed up in  all the holds, and cabinets of Me Voy with room to spare. Our clean prop, and reliable engine took us back and forth from the new marina to the old and back again without problems. Billy whose world was already rocked by the move, took the engine noise in stride and showed me that he could be trusted on deck while underway. We docked without problems and everything went better then I could have imagined. And now we rest and adjust.

visitors at the old marina
Billy first full day aboard
motoring to the new marina
all aboard at the new marina

happy to have this move behind us

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jomomma said...

So excited for you!