Monday, May 14, 2012

Me Voy Haul out- Day 2 and 3

Even though the haul out now seems so yesterday, I'm pressed to write about it. It was after all our first haul out with Me Voy, and we had no idea what to expect.

So there we were... the Baltimore Marine Center Boat yard. This place was soo cool! From our awesome spot on the water we could see TUGS!...

other cool boats...

and even helicopters!

It was like all the big toys came to play in that yard...

It was difficult to keep on task with all there colors, sights and sounds. This  was the most exciting boatyard I have been to yet and all I wanted to do was run around taking pictures. 

Travis kept me in line by example.  He ground, prepped, glasssed and epoxied primed our sail drive, sanded most of the bottom himself,  and generally behaved like a captain whose vessel is out of the water. 

Finally, after all the prep was done, I got to hose of our girl, and put all that nasty green dust behind us. I hope to never have to deal with that awful bottom paint dust again.

I say that, because from now on we hope to use the new water- based bottom paint. Yup. After reading up on it, we decided to give it a try.

It was weird, and by weird I mean super great, not to wear respirators and suits while painting. There was no awful after smell either, yet the paint rolled and felt like the heavy copper based bottom paints. We'll see how it does. A worthwhile experiment I think.

And that was pretty much it. No problems. Three days and we were done. Me Voy got her share of compliments, and Travis got a kick out of telling people she was a wooden boat. Cold molded but still a woody. This was my favorite snippet:

Stranger: "Hey! Nice boat. Is that mast wooden all the way to the top?"
Travis: "Yeah. The whole mast is wood. In fact the whole boat is wood."
Stranger: "What? Really?'

All the while Me Voy stands, blocked like a plastic boat, winking and smiling.  


rob said...

Great post thanks for sharing

Jim Greenwood said...

wow, that looks extremely nice. you guys did a fabulous job. how hard was it to get that tape line so straight?

Titus said...
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Travis and Maggie said...

Hi jIm,
I (Maggie) would say its very hard or nearly impossible. Travis however has somehow been gifted with the miraculous ability to tape off a straight line and make it look easy.

Anonymous said...

That is a great picture of the tug boats. Could I get a copy of it?


Travis and Maggie said...

Hi Martha, thanks! if you contact me via email we can talk there.