Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving Back to go Forth

Now that Me Voy's haul out is over we are moving on to step 2 of our loosely planned operation.

Today T and I both have the day off, the weather is beautiful, the necessary arrangements have been made, and we are bringing Me Voy over to the marina so we can to the "stuff swap".

We have been scratching our heads trying to figure out how all of this is going to happen , and last night, during our evening figure- things- out session, it all came together. So today we will motor (unfortunately there is no wind to speak of today, which is also fortunate in terms of docking) over to the marina to the end of "C" pier. Then we will spend the next two-three days getting settled before we go back to the new marina.  I'm so excited!


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

I'm just now catching up on your latest posts and I bet ya'll are excited! Me Voy looks great and ready for her slip ... congrats!

jomomma said...

I'm excited too! I love moving.