Sunday, October 19, 2008


It was a solo work weekend for me as Travis had to work in Baltimore. I was looking forward to it in a way; it made me feel independent and self-sufficient to pack up tools and head for Oxford, just me and Chopper.  My mom warned me not to get into any tight spaces as there would be no one to pull me out in case I got stuck, but not to worry, I had my hands full with the rot previously discovered in the hull. 
I was greeted with the ugliness you see above, and the next step was to fair it and fill it with some epoxy and microfiller, which made it look like this...

This microlight filler is great because it sands soooo much easier then silica, but it has no resistance to sag, which means I spent nearly the whole day first day, chasing the sagging expoxy, until finally it set and looked liked this...

Now I just had to fair it some more and  I was ready for fiberglass. Oh yeah check out the neighboring spot that also needed some TLC.

That was day one. My goal for Sunday was to keep fairing and finish up with fiberglass, however
the day dawned cold and windy. Definetly too windy for fiberglass work. I've already learned that lesson once when I got slapped with saturated cloth right in the mouth due to the wind. So taking the path of least resistance I continued to sand and fill until I got the perfect smooth and shapely surface, that was now ready for fiberglass... next week.

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Good for you! (But better you, than me... not my fav thing to work in the boatyard - been there done that once for 7 months!)