Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend of FUN

We skipped working on Me Voy this weekend and decided to take the girls out for a ride. By girls I'm referring to our boats that we built this past year: Water Fox , my greenland style kayak and Little Hooch, Travis' solo canoe. 
We only used them twice before, and wanted to get out on the water again before the weather turned nasty. So we loaded up our faithful truck and headed for Middle River.
The day was absolutely gorgeous, and the wakes turned up by the stink potters were awesome to surf.  This is my first kayak, but I can't image a better boat. 

Travis' canoe is no less awesome, with the additional bonus of being able to carry cargo, and by cargo I mostly  mean Chopper. 

We have not yet subjected Billy, who has finally peed out his bladder stones (yippee!), to boat rides, but judging from the time that he fell into the aquarium, and immediately floated like a big poofy air bubble, he won't have any trouble with floatation given his mass of downy fur. And he will, after all  have Chopper to show him the ropes.


Markitos said...

Thanks fur dropin by me blog. Im liken what I see here. You guys have an awsome boat there. And it's lookin good. The yaks arent to bad iether!!

force ten hurricane said...

Those are sweet kayaks! Mine is plastic. I would like to try and build a wooden one via a kit someday, when Wahoo is finished. Chopper is a pro! Don't think my big dog Kate would be up for a ride in my yak, but the litter 'terrorer' Buster would be all over that.

Glad you guys had a weekend of fun and no work. All folks restoring boats should take a weekend off now and then to prevent total burnout!

Glad Billy is feeling better. :)

Cheers from Louisiana,