Friday, October 17, 2008

Up To My Elbows in Alligators


I am taking the week-end off from working on MeVoy, once again to, attempt to complete a couple of rowboats I am building before the quickly approaching deadline. The owner is going to be picking them up ten days from now and there is much left to do. fortunately he is doing all of the paint and varnish work himself otherwise there would be no way. MeVoy is not the only one suffering. The whole family is feeling neglected lately, and I am falling way behind on my usual chores. I did find the time, yesterday, to finally cast the devil out of our broke down washing machine. It runs like a scalded dog now. I still have a list of housework that I have yet to get to but after the boats are done I should have plenty of time. I am also taking into consideration the big schooner rendezvous next week-end when Maggie and I are going to crew on a 105 year old fishing ketch named Rosalind under the great Captain Richard Griffiths who has been living aboard Rosalind for nearly 50 years. I can't wait! So for the next few days I will work round the clock to make sure I can deliver the boats on time and still have time for next week-ends fun.

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Overboard said...

The dinghy shape is so pretty. It's similar to my Morgan dinghy, Betty. She's a bit tiny though and only useful for singlehanded mucking around in little boats.

I got Betty from my darling and then a few months later a man saw it and said, 'Hey, that used to be my dinghy'. So I asked him were he had got it from and he couldn't remember because he lost most of his memory about 7 years ago. Weird huh.
I'd love to find out more history on my big boat and will probably visit the yard in Vancouver sometime next year; apparantly there were 7 of my boats built. Let's hope they are ALL still floating.