Monday, October 27, 2008

You Down with OPB?

Well, we finally did it! Sailed on a "big boat" that is! And after all the speculation of  "what's it gonna feel like?" my final answer is  AWESOME!  It may seem kind of crazy to some that we bought a yacht without ever sailing one, but... we did. And seeing how great this experience is on so many different levels, I wouldn't change a thing, so there! 
Anyway I'm sure Travis will want to write about Rosilyn so I'll leave off here and get back to the work that got done on Me Voy. 
I finished fiberglassing that ugly spot in the hull

and since it rained most of Sat. I began to finish out a beam in the head that 
needed new wood.

Meanwhile Billy slept all weekend, while Chopper played with his boatyard nemesis, Skipper. Here Chopper is guarding the little squeaky while Skipper looks to me for help. 

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