Tuesday, October 7, 2008



It was a mixed bag on the boat this weekend, the fall weather was absolutely beautiful, but the work of digging rot proved to be more terrible then expected. I made the mistake of thinking that I was nearly done, when with one blow of the mallet, I struck daylight! Even though we're on the hard, and there was no danger of sinking, seeing a hole that goes thru the outer hull of the boat is ugly and frightening! BUT, the good news is that we  found this latest spot and that this is now the last of the rot! We have gone thru her entire length, inch by painful inch and removed all the rotten wood... phew. So while this spot in the stern is an unexpected setback, it is in the stern, and we are almost done dealing with the rot! (Here's what it looks like in the big picture...)

Meanwhile, bringing Billy along with Chopper turned out to be a great idea. Its amazing how well these two get along, despite their personality differences.  Billy, the more timid of the two, seems to become more reassured if Chopper is around, and Chopper, with his boundless energy, seems to mellow out around Billy. You can see them below enjoying a nap, while we're working!


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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Bummer - wood rot. We have fiberglass. Not too much rot there.
BUT we are in the boatyard right now too (with a hurricane bearing down on us...) so you have someone else sharing your misery!
Hope that is the last of the rot :)

Overboard said...

I misread the subheading to the title of this blog as 'Regretting A Spanish Cutter.'

I'm so glad I have your blog to read. It's great.

Liz said...

Hi Travis and Maggie
Drifted over here from "ferroever"
Mmmm's probably glad I got someone else to pester.
Now, if we could just get ya'll to update a little more often. Don't know if I can wait a month for the next one ;))
Heck with the boat specs, I want to know more about Chopper (and Billy, hope he's feeling better).

I have two Cairn Terrorists, and Chopper looks alarmingly like them.
Lord help you both.
Mata ne

force ten hurricane said...

Hi Travis and Maggie!

Wow, Me Voy is a beautiful boat! Y'all are doing such great work on her. I'll be visiting your blog often for reference and most importanly, INSPIRATION!!! We are indeed in the same boat so to speak, except that yours is SO MUCH BIGGER than mine. :D This is our first go at restoring boats. The next one will be big enough to cruise on but I wanted to learn on something small.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers from N. Louisiana!


PS. Isn't it a great feeling to get to the end of the rot! :D

PSS. Is it okay if I link to your blog on Wahoo's? That would be most excellent.